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Jell-O therapy

A short MerDer fic, post 6.05. Spoilery if you haven't watched yet. Enjoy. :)



Ellen fans, join elliemonster for all the latest Ellen news! :)

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA (darkandtwisty02 ) !!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day! :D

Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Press Release


clickyCollapse )


Well, if anything, we're going to be getting lots of gratuitous MerDer sexing! Woohoo!

Ask Matt on MerDer

Nothing new, but its something....

Question: Is it true that MerDer are going to break up in S6 of Grey's Anatomy? Please tell me it isn´t true!!! Hope that you answer my question, I am dying here.—Kate

Matt Roush: OK, it isn’t true. Stop dying. But don’t take my word for it. I don’t really know, and if I did, I probably wouldn’t tell you, anyway. That’s not how I cover TV, by giving everything away. Why not be happy for now that Mer and Der are together, even if not traditionally married (as Shonda Rhimes now attests someone as off-kilter as Meredith is unlikely to do). One thing we do know is that Ellen Pompeo will be missing from part of next season because of her maternity leave, and while the circumstances of that may involve a break from Derek (I don’t know how they’re writing her out), my sense of things is that even if the course of their relationship won’t ever run exactly smoothly—without conflict, there’s no drama—I’d be surprised if the writers throw a serious wedge into their romance anytime soon. But with this show, who can really tell?


ABC Fanfic Challenge @ thursdaymornin

ABC FanFic Challenge

→Pick a prompt, any prompt and write.
→Fanfic must be about Meredith and/or Derek, but other characters can be featured.
→When finished with your prompt, post it in a comment to this post. If it's too long, post the link.
→Use the subject line of your comment to label your fic using this format title of fanfic:prompt.
→Repeat the process as many times as you'd like. We're trying to get all the prompts done.
→Don't worry if someone chose the prompt you wanted, you can use it too.

→Spread the word, and have fun!

HERE: http://community.livejournal.com/thursdaymornin/78814.html

(I tried hperlinking the text but apparently LJ likes to mess with me.)

Vote for Mer!

Because Meredith Grey is the ultimate head bitch in chargeCollapse )

Just reply to unclear_sky 's post agreeing with the statement. Something like "Hell yes" or "Seriously" or "Yes she is!" will do. Our Mer deserves some love. Let's try to get her on top! :)

TV Guide: MerDer Scoop

Here's some lovely MerDer scoop for us. Its not all that surprising. I thought I would share it with you all. :)

SCOOP this way.....Collapse )

Ellen & Patrick German Interview's

So these videos have bee floating around for while thought i would put them on here!
Thank to he users who uploaded them =)

Here's Ellen's - With the Dempeo Kiss =)

And here's Patricks

Izzie's MerDer Wedding Page

Hey TMD!

I thought I would share something that our dear friend Izzie created:

weddings.theknot.com/pwp/pwp2/view/MemberPage.aspx <---- MerDer's wedding page!!! :D

It is chocked full of MerDer goodness, and its pretty funny. I would recommend checking it out! :P

There is a link to it also on the Grey's home page at ABC.com. :)


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